The FAQs

Where did I come from?
This is a difficult question to answer. Not necessarily just because I donít know, but because itís difficult emotionally. And Iím a little bit wondering why it is you think you need to know something that is clearly none of your business.

What exactly do I believe?
I canít say exactly what it is that I believe nor what exactly it is that I have been called to do. All I can say for sure is this: I am a Messiah of the fourth generation. My father was a Messiah just like me. So was my Grandfather and my great Grandfather. So was his father.

Can you be more specific about what you believe?
I believe, like many people, in a lot of things. These beliefs include, but are not limited to:
  1. A Constitutional form of Government.
  2. A God who lives in heaven and who picks out people to be Messiahs for him when heís busy.
  3. You should eat three square meals a day and resist harmful bacteria that could interrupt your special purpose and give you stomach aches.
  4. Certain fowl are evil and are okay to shoot but not eat.
  5. The government wants to use me to do miracles for them so people will follow them Ė a common problem for messiahs, which makes us hunted entities.
  6. Life is sacred, but so is death. And sleep.
  7. Cheese puffs are not sacred, but I like them, and think maybe they should be. I am considering a special blessing for them, but it will have to wait until other more important matters are settled
  8. We should pray for sick people and heal the hurting ALWAYS.

Why do you have to wear glasses? Why not just heal yourself?
Hey, whatís with all the questions? Messiahs arenít at your beck and call. Iíll answer more of these when I feel like it.