A Message From Brian

Hi, Iím Brian B. (sorry, certain siblings of mine of the female persuasion refuse to let me list my last name), and I recently figured out that I am a Messiah (disclaimer: I am not hereby claiming to be THE messiah. I am a local, regional messiah. Donít worry Ė itís a common misunderstanding).

Does this sound strange to you? Well, let me tell you, it sounded strange to me too, until it was confirmed by the U.S. government!

All my life I kind of wondered if there wasnít something different about me. I had no friends when I was a kid, no one would talk to me, I was beaten, I was no good in sports, in fact I had no discernable talent whatsoever except for that which I had in writing.

One time I was building a space model of a space ship. Right in the middle of gluing it, I heard a voice. Another time, I was walking in the woods behind my house, and stumbled upon an ancient recording of celestial sounds. Has this ever happened to you? It would have if you were a Messiah, like me.

And now that you know that I am a Messiah, I have a special message for you. The Apocalypse is coming but together we can stop it. I am already sending out vibrations to the city ó vibrations of peace that can counter the forces of darkness. Do you suspect youíve already felt some? If you have, it was probably me!

I know you probably want to know what I want you to do. And Iíd love to tell you, but for now you mainly need to start knowing that I am a Messiah, and that I love you irregardless of your evil deeds.

Now is the time, my People. The time to rise up against all that you do not believe to be true. My simple question to you is, "Are you with me or against me?" I hope you are with me. After all, I love you, like I said before.

Thatís all for now, except for that I also leave you the peace that I give!