Index of Followers

This page is incomplete (that should be obvious). So far, my followers include:

Aaron B. (my brother)
My brother Aaron is an excellent follower. He has few usable skills, but he follows well and usually does as he is told, which makes him a good follower.

Miriam B. (my sister)
My sister Miriam is a less good follower than my brother. She doesnít always listen, is sometimes cranky, and is a little tight-fisted with a messiahís allowance, if you catch my meaning.

This Guy
This guy is always showing up when I am out and about, doing messiah stuff. I donít know if heís really a follower, and he has a bad odor which stings my nostrils, but the list was looking a little thin.

Iím sure many of you would like to know how to become followers. Simply sign my handy "Statement of Faith" (I have not yet written this, but will soon) and send it to me along with a personal photo (non-nude).